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Germany, Idstein, Rathausunterführung, December 2010

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Ardvanderlinden painted German flags in Heusden's twin town Idstein to strengthen the friendship and to strive for unity. On a cold day we met many helpfull and enthusiastic people. Idstein's mayor sent Ardvanderlinden's painted cardboard flags to other twin towns across Europe. As always we sent flags to politicians around the world to spread the message "unity through identity".

We would appreciate it when you give your opinion on flags, countries and identity below.

German flags and snowArticle German newspaperIdsteinStarting up IdsteinGerman kids paintingMayor of Idstein
RathausunterführungMan with dogEvening IdsteinPeople showing German flagsGerman flag German flag Idstein
Post to RussiaNewspaper IdsteinGerman newspaper picture

User Reactions on Idstein, December 2010

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unity through identity



User reactions:

wintersport the artist way: goed bezig! Mooie site heren!
By: Victor van der Wielen on: 2011-01-12

Ard this is too cool..!
By: Carl on: 2010-12-28

Keep up the good work Ard!
By: Steffen on: 2010-12-24

Idstein war SUPER! Danke..xx
By: Sonia on: 2010-12-23

Identity is connected to the flag and it's clear that Germans are not that proud..Maybe we do not really like to show off because we think we messed up.
By: martin on: 2010-12-20

In my view flags are often abused in history. And this still happens nowadays. The German flag is a perfect example how a historic symbol can be an obstacle for the future. For a long time Germans were reserved to show their flag. Since WM 2006 we use the flag more often. It is hard to separate the negative and positive influences of national flags and national identity. or?
By: Hendrik on: 2010-12-19