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Austria, Innsbruck, Franziskamerplatz, November 2009

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The red-white-red stripes have been an emblem of Austria for over 800 years, making the Austrian flag one of the world's oldest flags. According to legend the flag was modelled on the blood-stained surcoat of a Duke wounded in battle. During the second World War, the Austrian flag and arms were banned, they restored in 1945.

Ardvanderlinden painted 800 Austrian flags on Franziskamerplatz in Innsbruck, the capital of Tirol. The weather conditions were cold and moisty, but painting went well and many people were interested. Some people came back a few times and went into discussion.

A man said that it's only possible for an Austrian to paint an Austrian flag. He disliked the idea Dutchmen painting his flag. Another man told us there are only a few good countries: Austria, Germany, Benelux and Denmark. The other countries only take from the jar and don't put anything back. Later a man had a question for us: "Do you know the difference between the Swiss and Austrian flag?". He ansewered himself: "the Swiss flag is a plus and the Austrian flag a minus".

When it got dark we started to hand out flags. The people of Innsbruck are proud to live in Tirol and feel indepent from other regions/ countries knowing they have everything they need in Tirol.

Innsbruck overviewRoel pianting InnsbruckInteraction InnsbruckDiscussion Showing flagShowing Austrian flag
Roel & Austrian manMartijn @ InnsbruckField of flags InnsbruckAustrian flagsAustrian man ;-)Austrian girls with self painted flag
Innsbruck eveningFlags in Innsbruck Innsbruck nightInnsbruck kids showing flags

User Reactions on Innsbruck, November 2009

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User reactions:

When will you paint again? Rinus is waiting for action..
By: rinus on: 2010-02-24

This project is awesome
By: Rob on: 2009-12-05

Amazing guys, unfortunately I wasn't in Innsbruck last week :(, I agree that countries are often causing problems and I hope your project will get a lot of attention.
By: Anna on: 2009-11-20

This is interesting painting!
By: Hans on: 2009-11-20

Zo te zien wederom een succes! Ziet er weer super uit! Groetjes vanuit Thailand
By: sanne on: 2009-11-18

great art work guys!
By: Franz on: 2009-11-13

Mensenlieve Broeders,
Wat een mooi tafereeltje op de achtergrond. De bergen bedekt met een laag sneeuw, de kou die jullie trotseren door de handen in een te slaan en de universiteit van eenheid opnieuw te laten slagen. Blijf een fan op afstand van jullie werk! Veel succes voor de volgende belevenis. Verder veel licht en liefde gewenst voor jullie en jullie dierbaren en alvast een super begin voor een nieuw jaar, 2010!

Warme hand,
Angelo & Willemijn Wiegmans
By: Willemijn on: 2009-11-13

By: agaath on: 2009-11-13

Gute Arbeit Van der Linden Bruder!
By: Jan on: 2009-11-12

Es war super in Innsbruck, Viel Erfolg noch. Gruss Jürgen
By: Jürgen on: 2009-11-11