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Croatia, Zagreb, Tomislavov trg, April 2009

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Croatia's flag is designed in the pan-Slavic colours, red, white and blue. The red and white checks in the arms are traditional emblems of Croatia and the small blue shields at the top represent the five regions.

In Zagreb Ardvanderlinden asked for permission to paint on the main square, Jelacic trg. After a long procedure the city council refused, because of the elections. In our opinion elections are a very good moment to think about "unity through identity"! So we went to Tomislavov square, opposite the main railway station to make a field of 700 painted Croatian flags. We handed out flags and discussed with many people about identity. In general people agreed with our message "unity through identity", but at the same time people experience how hard it is to realize in their country. Croatia declared independency in 1991, unfortunately a lot of things didn't change in the last 2 decades. Among the reactions:

"You are doing a great job, someone has to do it from the bottom of the heart. That is how the system works."
"I like our flag; if you see the colours, the heart joys"
"Is still someone thinking about unity in the world? Good Luck!"

Meanwhile we were noticed by national newspapers and we explained our message. Croatian photographer Luka Kedzo made photos of this event.

Making fieldField of Croatian flagsFlags reflecting in sunglassesOverview ZagrebZagreb flagsCroatian lady
Showing Croatian flagsLady showing flagStatue king TomislavPiled up UK

User Reactions on Zagreb, April 2009

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unity through identity



User reactions:

You'll never have a quiet world till you knock the patriotism out of the human race.
By: George Bernard Shaw on: 2009-05-27

Mensenlief Martijn & Roel, (broeders)
Wat een prachtig project hebben jullie opgestart. Las een artikel in een plaatselijk krantje van jullie en kreeg kippenvel van het project. Mooi om de wereld op deze manier te benaderen, een mooie missie! Uiteindelijk behoren we allen tot één. Eenheid, Liefde en Licht!

Ga door met het prachtige werk en wellicht tot ziens!

Warme hand,
Willemijn Wiegmans ☺
"We zijn allen vlinders en fladderen van bloem tot bloem"

By: willemijn wiegmans on: 2009-05-25

Nice to meet you..
Wonderfull project !
By: Marijan on: 2009-05-03

I passed by when you were in Zagreb, got a flag and chit-chatted a bit with you... such a nice work and mission... all the best and come back time to time!!! @
By: Ana K. on: 2009-04-27

Unity throught identity because of diversity...mannen biertje doen voor 18 Mei...?
By: Luca on: 2009-04-27

Nice!!! Queensday in Amsterdam guys? Keep it up! ;-)

By: Diana on: 2009-04-27

lekker bezig mannen, groet mark
By: mark on: 2009-04-26

I love your project! When are you guys coming to Poland??
By: sonia on: 2009-04-25

It looks GREAT!
By: tea on: 2009-04-23

I put the flag on my desk and it's beautiful. Thanks!!!
By: Nikola on: 2009-04-22