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The Netherlands, Vinkeveen, Studio Nowhere, September 2012

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Ardvanderlinden made a serie of eight flags to spread the message 'unity through identity'.

List of flags:

1) Ideology (2012)
2) Jezus de Dwarsligger (2012)
3) Freedom (2012)
4) Autonomy (2012)
5) Revolution (2012)
6) Power (2012)
7) United Antagonists (2012)
8) Vino Pellite Curas (2012)

More flags are coming soon....

Eight flagsIdeology (Ardvanderlinden 2012)Jezus de Dwarsligger (Ardvanderlinden 2012)Jezus de Dwarsligger (Ardvanderlinden 2012) DetailFreedom (Ardvanderlinden 2012)Freedom (Ardvanderlinden 2012) Detail
Autonomy (Ardvanderlinden 2012)Revolution (Ardvanderlinden 2012)Power (Ardvanderlinden 2012)Power (Ardvanderlinden 2012) DetailUnited Antagonists (Ardvanderlinden 2012)United Antagonists (Ardvanderlinden 2012) Detail
Vino Pellite Curas (Ardvanderlinden 2012)

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unity through identity



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Tres bien!

By: léon on: 2012-11-14