The idea of Ardvanderlinden arose when we were discussing the meaning of countries, their borders and their identity. In our opinion:

"A flag symbolizes identity, which one can be proud of, but should never lead one into negative conflict."

Countries and Freedom

Ardvanderlinden paints flags, of all countries, in all countries, with all people; because Ardvanderlinden sees unity instead of borders. Borders only exist because we allow them to be there. To us it is very clear that flags, countries and their borders are strictly human ideas that undermine the unity of life and are one of the main causes of inequality in the world. This does not mean we are against culture, we are against the borders that arise from the idea country which takes freedom away from humans.

Inequality and Sustainability

In our world, despite all technological and scientific progress, still a lot of people are hungry and extremely poor. Thereby humanity crosses the limits of our planet, we use too many natural resources and are risking the future of mankind. This also means that poor people will never have the possibility to develop without radical change. We live in a world of abundance, but humanity creates scarcity. We do not share, some people have billions and others even do not have food. On the other hand it is also an era with a lot of possibilities, never so much knowledge, technology, infrastructure, money and manpower has been available to support revolution to reach unity.


We believe humanity deserves equality, ecological balance, happiness and unity. We should strive for one world with one mankind. For this reason it is very important to start a discussion how we should deal with countries in the future and how we could guarantee that humans always come first.

Art for unity

Repeatedly painting flags gives Ardvanderlinden the opportunity to focus on painting in its most pure form. By concentrating for hours on the few brush strokes that create the flag it becomes both meaningless and meaningful. Where at some points painting takes over and shows the unity of life, at other points the idea of the flag returns and confronts us with the difficulties of letting go of borders in our mind. It shows how hard it is to move away from the idea of identity and to see the unity of all life. We believe that art should be used to achieve unity.